How To Write Good Articles To Improve Ranking In Google

How to write a good article

How To Write Good Articles To Improve Ranking In Google

By writing quality content, you can sleep over the money-made dream.

Don’t you believe it? As a content creator, I always optimize SEO and make the content SEO-friendly. All the professionals propagate search engine optimization. In the last couple of months, I ranked around thirty content. If your content is coming on the first page, that means it may get traffic. But you have to work hard to push the content upwards.

SEO or search engine optimization is one of the significant parts of google. It helps the content to rank. If you just write like an essay, it will never rank. However, you have to fill the requirements that google wants in your content. We will discuss these key points below. Before you learn some preliminary facts about SEO.

Do you know why ranking is so relevant?

Here you get them in points…

  • The ranking makes a good impression in the readers’ minds.
  • It tends to fetch more traffic in the content.
  • The ranking also grows the overall website result.

All you will get is attending the SEO tricks. So, spread your business among people and keep the website flourishing.

SEO In Google Ranking

If you just have started your journey in content creation, you may not have an excellent grip on ranking. But it is essential to know how to write a good article. Let’s run through the SEO. It helps to fetch the attention of the readers by sending in their first choice.

When you publish content, usually, it doesn’t come in the first place quickly. After working with SEO, you can send the content in the first result. Hence, it makes sense. Now you optimize SEO and run your website successfully.

Running a high-trafficking website, professionals earn up to 1 million dollars. Thereafter, it is your superb priority to optimize SEO.

How To Write A Good Article To Improve Ranking?

Let me tell you primarily; there are differences in the contents. For example, while you are writing on travel, your target would be the traveler. In the case of business content, target the business entrepreneurs or interested in business. Therefore, it varies depending on the content property.

Apart from this, verbal communication is also significant. If the content quality is too hard, readers will not recognize it. So, you have to show a superb grasp of the language while writing the content. Learn more about sound quality writing from the below.

1. Target Audience

After raising the ‘How to write a good article?’ question, I will first ask to target audiences. If you are writing on digital marketing, then none of the pet lovers will read. If the person is interested, then the case is different. My primary motive is to utter; you have to know who will read the content.

You write mainly for them. Also, focus on the communicative language. You can write content by being a marketing professional or as a business developer. The whole thing depends on the niche you picked to write. So, maintain this while writing.

2. Consistency

Consistency is a matter of concern. A reader gets into the website and thoroughly reads. If you write fantastic in one part and the next part, you write unnecessary things. This will not impact their ranking. Therefore, you have to maintain consistency and conversational language.

So, be selective while picking the words and framing sentences. Your main priority is to make the readers happy. So, you do it successfully and optimize your article.

3. Eye-Catching Content

Decorated, framed content attracts the most readers. Therefore, while writing the content, you use bullet points, short stanzas, attractive paragraph design, overall markup, and rest. This is what creates a good impression.

When our readers are happy reading the content, you don’t have to look at the minor factors. Make the content framing attractive and grab the readers’ attention. It is the easiest way to get great engagement.

4. Internal Linking

Before months, I didn’t use the internal link. When I started placing the links, it improved the overall growth of the website. When you put some links, it increases the living time on the website. Let’s take an example. A reader gets into content and reads; then he switches to another. Other than that, a reader gets into a range read, and goes through the links, and reads them as well. In the case of the second, it increases the timing of living in a context.

The same will happen when your content consists of several links. You place the links of your own content. Then the rest of the traffic will also increase.

5. Keyword Research

Keyword research does impressive works on the content. Usually, people search by typing a few words and then get results. These are the keywords that they search. Being a writer, you have to choose the high trafficking keyword that has density. If 1k people search with the same keyword, that means the keyword is in demand. You pick this and use it in the content.

You have to place the links in a frequency. In content, two to three links are enough to make the overall content better.

6. Informative Content

Content should always be informed. It doesn’t matter what niche you selected. Whatever it is, try to solve all queries to the best of your capability. While the readers will find your content informative, they may go for other content as well. Therefore, as a professional content writer, I always prefer to put complete information.

Put the correct information related to your context. You don’t need to exaggerate. Do as much as it requires. Study the other content and then put information after selection.

7. Put LSI Keywords

Many times, the focus keyword or the prime keyword fails to fetch the traffic. In this case, you have to prepare a backup plan through some other keywords. You will again do research on the LSI keywords. LSI keywords work as a backup. In fact, if your focus keyword works well, then also you can fetch other traffic with the LSI.

Do research on the other content and put the best results upwards. The keywords you will use. Make sure these are also hugely demanding and related to your content. Irrelevant keywords spread wrong impressions.

8. Usage Of Long Tail Keyword

While you will do research, you may get long-tail keywords. These are something like a sentence. In a few cases, people search for long keywords, and they sometimes go in high demand. You will use them on the subheadings or a question. For example, the long tail keyword is “how to write a good article to improve the ranking factors,” then you can use this as a question or as a subheading.

In doing so, you will get instant results in hand. It fetches the uncommon readers and makes the content successful. In social media platforms, you can see these types of keyword usage.

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9. Word Effectivity

Mainly the writers publish 1000 word articles. These are best for the readers as well as for the writers. SEO also prefers 1000 to 200 words per content. It is best to read and also can cover all aspects. If you write the content of 1000 to 2000 words, it may be prioritized from google’s elements.

So, you try to write the word effective content. Unfortunately, lengthy content goes monotonous sometimes. So, you choose clever techniques and improve your ranking factors. Along with that, make sure the content is all alongside.

10. Social Media Marketing

Social media is now hugely popular. Almost all business purposes are being served in this field. You can also use this to promote your content quality. You have to attempt to share the content among more audiences. If you share your written content, it will receive maximum traffic. These are not organic traffic, but still, they impact the ranking.

You go with multiple social media platforms and have them to boost. Go for social media marketing and amplify your content. Prioritize your target audience and grab attention.

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11. Show Ads

By showing ads in your content, you can receive high traffic. If you are in the beginning, you may not have colossal trafficking content. It will be developed day by day. You apply for Google Adsense and see if your article will be optimized more.

So, pick this and open a source of income. I am sure. You will get results in a short time.

The Bottom Lines

I hope you get the answer to ‘How to write a good article.’ These are all you should follow to develop your website performance. The whole thing doesn’t happen overnight. So, you have to keep patience with your own work.

Later, you will get the best fruit. Show your capability in writing content and work with courage. You will get the in-hand results soon.

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