Why You Should Use Shipping Containers for Survival Prepping

Why You Should Use Shipping Containers for Survival Prepping

Are you a prepper in need of a new storage location? Keep reading to discover why you should consider using shipping containers for survival prepping.

They’re Affordable

One of the many reasons shipping containers are so favored by preppers around the world is that they’re incredibly affordable for the size and quality of storage space they provide. Many used containers on the market today have aged past the point of being seaworthy, but they are still capable of being utilized as reliable storage containers on land.

Ports and shipping container companies want to get rid of these containers without simply scrapping them, so they’re motivated to sell the containers at affordable prices. For preppers, that means getting a reliable used container at an affordable one-time fee instead of building a storage unit or paying monthly or yearly fees to rent one.

They Come in Many Shapes & Sizes

Another benefit of shipping containers is that they come in a variety of shapes and sizes for preppers to choose from. Everyone is familiar with the typical rectangular-shaped, dry-rack container that’s 20 or 40 feet long with one set of steel doors, but there are many other choices for preppers to consider, including:

  • Double-door (tunnel)
  • High cube
  • Insulated
  • Half-height
  • Open-sided
  • Open-top
  • Flat-rack

Each unit has distinct advantages, so choosing the best container will depend on your individual storage needs.

They’re Durable

If there’s one thing that shipping containers are, it’s durable. Shipping containers are engineered with tough, sturdy steel and can withstand thousands of miles of ocean crossings while protecting valuable cargo.

There are few better storage options for preppers who need something that will last a long time. Used containers can last for decades if cared for properly, and all the maintenance a container needs is for you to lubricate hinges occasionally and keep it as dry as possible.

They’re Secure

Survival preppers should use shipping containers because they’re incredibly secure structures. After all, these containers are built to transport and protect valuable cargo with secure locking mechanisms to ward off potential thieves.

A standard container has only one set of heavy, locking doors and no windows, meaning there’s only one way in or out—and you can’t simply kick down a container door. Shipping containers are excellent options for keeping prepping supplies safe and secure.

They’re Portable

Let’s not forget that containers are also portable. As a prepper, you need to be flexible and ready to move your supplies at a moment’s notice, but packing everything up and moving to a different location is easier said than done.

With a shipping container, moving everything—including the storage location—is much easier. Instead of shipping everything to a new location and finding a new storage place, you can pack everything within the storage container and have it shipped wherever you’d like at an affordable cost.

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