10 Best Things To Do in Minot, North Dakota

Things To Do in Minot North Dakota

From the biggest Scandinavian festival in North America to incredible outdoor activities and more, Minot is one of the best places to be for North Dakota attractions. Whether you’re planning a unique vacation or you’re moving to the area, there are plenty of things to do in Minot that you might not be aware of. Let’s take a look at the 10 best things to do in Minot, North Dakota so you can plan your trip accordingly or boost your excitement about moving to the area. 

1. Railroad Museum

What better to do when you arrive in Minot than learn about how so many others also arrived in North Dakota towns? The Railroad Museum of Minot is a volunteer-run, non-profit establishment dedicated to North Dakota’s railroad culture and history from 1886 to present. The museum boasts photos, memorabilia, logs, uniforms, memorials, and many other artifacts from the region’s “railroad days”.

This is a great attraction for both those young and old, with the museum situated near a picnic area as well as a zoo. Discounts are offered for children and seniors.

2. Plenty of Parks

Minot is a great place for families, especially if you have kids who love to play outside. There are plenty of parks in Minot to enjoy, including: 

  • Roosevelt Park;
  • Riverside Park;
  • Radio City Park;
  • Polaris Park.

The above all have playground equipment so your kids can enjoy an afternoon of activity while you relax and watch them on a nearby bench. There are also dog-friendly parks in the area, including the Dakota Bark Park. It’s a great place to socialize your pup and keep them active. 

3. Hit the Trails

Another fantastic way to keep you, your family, and your furry friends active is by checking out some of the nature trails throughout Minot. Oak Park is one of the best places to take a quick nature hike with the family. Plus, it has picnic shelters, so you can enjoy a meal together after working up an appetite. Make sure you pack and eat the right snacks in order to stay energized all day — this includes high-quality proteins, vegetables, energy-boosting fruits, and healthy fats.

The trail is pet-friendly, but make sure to adhere to safety rules and regulations, and practice trail etiquette with your dog to keep them and other hikers safe. 

4. Scandinavian Heritage Park

Whether you have Scandinavian ancestry or not, this park is worth visiting. The Scandinavian Heritage Park features incredible architectural replicas from each Scandinavian country, including: 

  • Norway;
  • Sweden;
  • Denmark;
  • Finland;
  • Iceland.

As you walk through the park and read about the history of these landmarks and each country, you’ll undoubtedly learn something new about Scandinavian culture. If you do have a Scandinavian background, you can even make a donation to purchase a memorial for your ancestors. 

5. Høstfest 

Minot’s representation of Scandinavia doesn’t stop with the park. Every year, the town hosts the Norsk Høstfest. It’s the biggest Scandinavian festival in North America and one of the greatest tourist attractions in North Dakota. 

Guests of Høstfest can enjoy unique entertainment, Scandinavian cuisine, and handcrafted merchandise. It’s a wonderful way to honor your heritage or learn more about the culture. 

6. Roosevelt Park Zoo

If your family loves spending time outdoors but you want to try something a bit more leisurely, head to the Roosevelt Park Zoo. It’s another popular tourist attraction in the area, providing fun and educational opportunities for all ages. 

Established in 1921, it’s the oldest zoo in North Dakota, and also one of the most diverse. You’ll see everything from giraffes to camels as you stroll along the winding paths. 

7. Dakota Territory Air Museum

Whether you have a family member in the military or you consider yourself an armed services buff, you’ll love checking out the Dakota Territory Air Museum. 

This museum houses incredible pieces of military history, including multiple aircraft from WWII. Even if you don’t know much about the military, it’s a fantastic way to learn more about U.S. history and how these planes and machines have been used to preserve the integrity of the country. If you’re visiting Minot and you’re on a travel budget, the Dakota Territory Air Museum offers an inexpensive way to spend an afternoon that your whole family will enjoy. 

8. Day Trip Activities

If you love being outdoors and active, Minot has plenty of ways to spend a day. We touched on the parks and trails earlier, but you can take things one step further by immersing yourself in various outdoor experiences, including: 

  • Cycling;
  • Fishing;
  • Camping;
  • Kayaking;
  • Wildlife viewing.

These activities make Minot a perfect place for a solo trip or a romantic getaway with your partner if you both love spending time outside. 

9. Enjoy the Nightlife

We’ve talked a lot about how you can stay active and be outside, but Minot also has a great nightlife scene. There are plenty of things to do when you want to clean up from a day of outdoorsy activities and go out on the town. 

If you want to satisfy your shopping fix, head to some of the town’s small boutiques or national chain stores. Looking for somewhere to eat? Try 10 North Main or 28 Tastes & Taps for a fun date night. Minot is an active and safe neighborhood that can help you feel comfortable walking around and exploring, no matter the time. 

10. Arts and Culture

If you want to relax and appreciate the more colorful side of Minot, take advantage of the artistic performances the community has to offer. Check out the Minot Symphony Orchestra in one of their many performances throughout the year, or sit back and enjoy a play put on by the MSU Summer Theatre group. If you love art and drama, you won’t be disappointed. 

As you can see, there’s plenty to do in Minot, North Dakota, no matter your interests. Keep these ideas in mind if you plan on visiting the area soon or if you’re making a move. Minot is a great place to explore, so let these ideas serve as a guide, but don’t be afraid to branch out on your own and experience everything it has to offer. 

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