How To Protect Your School Campus During Breaks

How To Protect Your School Campus During Breaks

Holiday breaks are an exciting time for any college campus. Students and faculty get to return home to be with family and friends. Unfortunately, the empty campuses that ensue can become prime targets for criminals. Many thieves try to target empty dormitories and faculty offices while their occupants are away. Don’t let your campus become a target too. Discover how to protect your school campus during breaks.

Inspect Security Systems and Lighting

Security technology such as alarm systems, automatic gates, and motion-activated lights all help deter thieves naturally. The presence of these security measures alone implies that your campus has high security standards, which makes it a poor target for criminals looking for an easy job. However, when confident criminals do strike, you want your security technology to be ready. This is why regular inspections and tests of your systems and lighting are crucial, especially before the holiday breaks, when criminals are more likely to strike.

Update Video Surveillance

When was the last time your campus updated its security cameras? If your maintenance log says it’s been several years, your cameras might not be as effective as they could be. Consider upgrading your security cameras to more modern HD cameras. Not only can these cameras record clearer images in general, but they may also offer better nighttime and poor weather recording. Post security camera notices around your campus and near dormitories to dissuade any would-be thieves.

Install Access Control Systems

Most modern campuses utilize access control systems to control the flow of student traffic and visitor traffic during regular school seasons and off-seasons. If you don’t already have an access control system in place for all your buildings, including dormitories, consider investing in one. Access control systems benefit your school by allowing students and faculty access but restricting access to outsiders. This is especially important during your campus’s holiday breaks. As students leave for the season, only those with keycard access can enter your building. This prevents criminals from targeting dorms and other buildings.

Your students shouldn’t have to worry about thieves breaking into their dorms while they’re away celebrating the holidays with family. Utilize these security tips to protect your school campus during holiday breaks while buildings are empty.

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