How To Have A Pest Free Home – 10 Tips To Keep Pests Away

Pest Free

Once you see just one ant roaming around your kitchen surface, you can be sure that there are others out there. This needs your immediate attention because there must be something attracting them to your home. If you want to have a pest-free home, here are the steps you need to take.


Keep your home clean

A clean home is a healthy home. It’s also a pest-free home because if your home is clean, it won’t be a magnet to intruders coming from outside. Your main focus should be your kitchen, as this is where the food is. But, other areas of your home need your attention as well, especially if there are some traces of food left.

Out with the garbage!

One’s trash is somebody else treasure, at least pests will see it like this. If you accumulate trash in your house, you increase the risk of having a pest invasion at some point. Things we throw away, from food waste to used hygienic products are like a magnet for pests. You’d be surprised which trash attracts ants and other annoying creatures. So, don’t keep trash for long periods in your home, throw it away.

Don’t leave any food out in the open

If you already have trouble with pests, but you keep eliminating them with bug sprays, any food source will keep attracting them. Until you destroy their nest, they will just hide away until they detect a source of food. Any food left out in the open can be covered with pests very fast. The solution is to keep food stored in closed containers. Don’t leave food out in the open, even if it is just for a short while.

Don’t leave dishes overnight

We’ve all been guilty of leaving dishes in the sink overnight. Maybe you weren’t in the mood or you’ve been in the rush to finish your tasks for the day. You probably had other more urgent things to finish, so you left your dishes overnight. You should refrain from leaving dishes overnight as that can be a feast for roaches. These insects are nocturnal, which means that they will roam around looking for food during the night.

Take preventive measures

Every point we’ve made so far, and the others we’re about to make are all preventive measures. It’s important to know that you can keep the pests away by paying attention to your habits. But, if the problem is persistent and the pets keep popping out of nowhere, it’s time to address the issue permanently. People in Australia are aware of the health risks associated with pests so they rely on pest control Cairns services to keep their homes healthy. You can do the same and find an expert pest control in your area to come and deal with annoying insects.

Seal entry points

If there are any open spaces in your home that can potentially be their entrance point, you need to seal them. Pests are stubborn creatures, so they’ll find an entry point to your house. Unless you inspect your home, find cracks, holes or leaks and fix them.

Inspect groceries when you bring them home

We can bring pests inside our home as they can latch onto our groceries and laundry that was just taken off the clothesline. Even the dog can be responsible for getting pests in if you don’t inspect their fur and paws. Whenever you’re going grocery shopping, it’s important to inspect your groceries when you take them into your kitchen. This way you’ll minimise the chances of letting the most common pest in your home.

Install window screens

Window screens and a door screen are a necessity if you want to open your windows freely. When you don’t have a screen installed, you increase your chances of getting those crawling and flying insects in your home. If you already have screens, but somehow mosquitos still find their way in, check the screen for holes and perforations.

Tackle leaky faucets

If you didn’t know, leaky faucets attract insects. Not only that, but all the leaks can contribute to your utility bill, so it’s advisable to fix them. Pests are attracted to a source of water because when there’s water, there also might be some food around. If you want to eliminate the risk of having pests, it’s advisable to fix any leaks, check for clogged pipes and if you have to change any leaky faucets.

Maintain your lawn, plants and the area around your home

You also need to maintain the outside area of your home, so pests won’t build a colony in your backyard. You need to mow the lawn, trim the bushes and do all the work to have a beautiful backyard. Secondly, you need to rake leaves, trim grass or eliminate any other organic matter and also eliminate sources of water.

Lastly, if you’ve had trouble with pests, you also need to regularly inspect your home. By doing this you’ll know what you need to do to eliminate and terminate all stubborn pests from your home.

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