AI and Mixed Reality Creating Transformative Experience in SharePoint Technologies


The SharePoint solution powered by Microsoft keeps on getting upgraded at regular intervals. Microsoft-powered SharePoint solutions demonstrate its potentials by delivering the outcomes that enterprises demand.

SharePoint solutions were thriving the business with its capabilities after integrating AI technology. Still, with the addition of mixed reality, SharePoint technology has developed into a comprehensive next-generation tool for organizations.

Organizations were already embarked on SharePoint with AI-integrated technology, and 50% of enterprises from 500 fortune companies have, by this time, embedded the SharePoint technologies across their businesses.

However, with the combination of mixed reality and AI, SharePoint technology will transform business content collaboration with innovation and automation.

To know more about how AI and mixed reality innovates content collaboration in SharePoint technology, let’s dive in ahead and gain crucial knowledge about the latest innovation.

Nevertheless, before we move forward, let us first briefly discuss SharePoint.

What is SharePoint?

SharePoint is a piece of Microsoft-powered technology that provides businesses with a simple, user-friendly platform coupled with several Microsoft products to improve internal collaboration, output, and communication.

To put it another way, SharePoint is a company platform that enables employees to easily exchange files, documents, reports, photos, and videos with other team members to boost productivity and foster more connectedness and engagement among coworkers’ members.

Innovation in SharePoint content collaboration with the aid of AI and Mixed Reality –

Smarter Searching Capability – 

With innovative AI and mixed reality blended, SharePoint has made the data searching process quicker and sharper. SharePoint users can share files, reports, and documents on a single platform. However, today’s organizations have access to a lot of data, but it cannot be easy to filter through and comprehend it all.

Users can quickly search the files from the sea of data using AI and mixed reality tools. Additionally, AI automatically predicts and processes the files you are looking for based on recent searches, conversations with coworkers, or typing a few words from the file name.

Analysis Images –

AI can recognize geographical data and photos with text that can be extracted and processed to the SharePoint platform. The images stored in office 365 by the organization can now seamlessly extract text from the image; moreover, AI can examine the photo’s details, including the location of the photo’s capture, and detect objects in the picture.

Agile Onboarding Experience – 

SharePoint solution with the combination of AI and mixed reality streamlines the onboarding and recruiting process. With the help of mixed reality, the recruits or fresher can experience the 3D virtual tour of the organization rather than experiencing the traditional tour.

The newcomers can explore the rich information and knowledge about the organization, employees, compliances, places, areas, and policies with the help of AI and mixed reality integrated SharePoint 3D maps, charts, and virtual videos.

Such experience improves the recruit’s onboarding experience and provides all information about the company virtually, making recruits feel more comfortable and quickly helping to adapt to the company’s environment.

Enhance Learning Capabilities – 

It is said that – “People will not remember what you have done with them, but they will remember what you made them feel.” Consequently, people learn more quickly by visualizing things than by watching or reading.

AI and mixed reality in SharePoint has transformed the way of learning. It gives you a clear vision of any subject and helps you develop a broad perspective. Moreover, a SharePoint solution blended with mixed reality can enhance in-depth knowledge on the most important subjects.

Nimble SharePoint Spaces –

Immerse yourself with SharePoint Spaces; with a mixed reality integrated immersive platform, you can create safe extendable reality experiences. Additionally, you can add 2D and 3D web elements to construct your mixed reality vision, making your SharePoint spaces more agile and interesting.

The most sensible thing about SharePoint spaces is that non-developers can also create or build mixed-reality spaces seamlessly interacting with SharePoint data.

Wrapping Up

SharePoint is not only a solution but a tool that embraces success, speed, and innovation across the organization. If you are looking for product development or SharePoint development services, make sure you choose an experienced or Microsoft-partnered SharePoint consulting service provider.

Choosing the right partner can make your IT investment worthwhile and provide you with the pathway that leads your business toward your aim.

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